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What Does the Rainbow Push Coalition Do?

Dr. Candice Matthews

The Rainbow/PUSH Coalition is a social justice organization that fights for fairness and economic justice in Silicon Valley. Their campaigns are focused on workers’ rights and organizing. The Coalition has also taken on several controversial issues, including the killing of George Floyd, which led to global protests and rallies supporting Black lives. Its founder, Jesse Jackson, had an extramarital affair with Karin Stanford in 2001, leading to an unplanned pregnancy. Jackson had been administering pastoral therapy to former president Bill Clinton at the time.

Founded in 1971 by Rev. Jesse Jackson, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition has offices in Chicago and other cities. The organization’s national headquarters are in Chicago, with regional offices in New York, Detroit, and Los Angeles. Its regional offices are also in Chicago and other major cities. The Rainbow/PUSH Coalition’s goals are not to target one particular demographic but to advocate for policies that benefit all Americans.

In the mid-1990s, Meeks began working with the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition leadership. He has not announced a timeline for his resignation, but he is willing to remain involved in the organization’s long-term success. The Rev. Meeks is also committed to the success of the group. However, he would not like to be relegated to a one-time role. Instead, he would focus his time on ensuring the organization’s success and planning for its future leadership.

The Rainbow/PUSH Coalition is a membership organization that works on several civil rights issues. The Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr. founded it to empower people with advocacy. The Coalition supports research on key policy issues, collects data on nonpartisan initiatives, and organizes public awareness campaigns. The organization’s activities are broadcast on Saturday mornings at 10 am on public television. However, the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition is a small and highly effective organization doing important work nationwide.

The Rainbow PUSH Coalition’s headquarters is located in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago’s South Side. It is also where the controversial movie Native Son was filmed. The film depicts the life of a young Black man from the Bronzeville community. In 2013, the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition merged with Operation PUSH to form a more extensive organization devoted to promoting human and civil rights in the U.S.

Operation PUSH was an organization that was created in 1971 by Rev. Jesse Jackson. The group had a mission to improve the economic conditions of black Americans in Chicago. During this time, the organization had several affiliates across the country. In addition to promoting a better quality of life, the group has successfully negotiated agreements with big and small businesses. Today, the Rainbow Push Coalition is an influential force in the Chicago community and has a great history in civil rights.


Published by Dr. Candice Matthews

Dr. Candice Matthews Statewide Vice Chair is an honorary doctorate recipient who has made great contributions to society. She has helped people and done good things for humanity by being a part of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats, a project to protect voters, and the Rainbow Push Coalition. This last group was started by Jesse Jackson and is now a non-profit based in Chicago. It was made when Operation PUSH and the National Rainbow Coalition joined together.

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