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Why Foster Care Is More Important Than Ever

The number of children who need foster care is growing, but more people are choosing to enter this field than ever before. Unfortunately, many of these children have been placed in the care of social workers who are underpaid and overworked. While this may seem like a positive step, it is not enough to ensure that foster care system is available to every child. To help these children, more advocates, resources, and time must be invested in this field.

The federal government has introduced federal aid, a program that offers financial incentives to states in exchange for increasing the number of children available for adoption. This funding also gives local CPS agencies more money to place children in foster homes, treat mental health issues, and medicate children. While the system benefits the children who have been removed from their homes, many parents are disproportionately disadvantaged because they do not have the resources to care for their children.

The Center on Children and Families at Brookings is helping to address these concerns by advancing the development of state policies that improve foster care. They are also working with advocates and child welfare administrators to increase the capacity of state foster care agencies and recruit foster parents. This will increase accountability and improve partnerships between foster parents and child welfare agencies.

The goal of foster care is to help children find permanent homes with their birth families. However, not all foster parents are interested in adoption. Adoption might feel like a better option in these cases, but the system is designed to help reunite families. The most pressing need for permanent homes is older youth who have experienced trauma. Therefore, parents who want to adopt should be trained in trauma and therapeutic parenting.

Foster care requires training and an open mind. Foster parents should never take in a child with a predetermined outcome in mind. Instead, they need to be mentored so that they can parent soberly. They must also receive support and help with the transitions of the children.

Many children in foster care have no relatives to care for them. Usually, DSS agencies find foster families for them. These children are often very traumatized and may resist adult supervision. A child may become depressed or anxious, leading to various health problems.

The child protection system needs reform. It needs to be more transparent and accountable. Children and foster parents should not be allowed to remain silent when there is a report of abuse or neglect. The child protection system should take these reports seriously. In addition, foster parents should be honest about their strengths and weaknesses. This can help foster families work well with agencies and prevent their licenses from being revoked.

Foster parents play a vital role in the development of children. The increased visibility of foster parents will help foster care gain public support and increase political support. Foster parents are child advocates, and they are advocates for their foster children. Foster care will be better for children, foster families, and foster families if there is better treatment for children in the system.

Foster children often have difficulties adjusting to a new environment. They may have different needs, and it isn’t easy to meet them. The complexities of foster care can weigh heavy on foster parents. They may experience tensions with their biological parents. Foster parents may also be experiencing temporary custody situations, which can make the work harder for them.

Those in foster care must be trained to handle situations involving possible abuse. Foster parents must have strong policies and practices to protect their children. These policies should include the right to anonymity and the need to take every report seriously. Foster parents may also need assistance from other foster parents and communities. Keeping professional boundaries and avoiding conflicts with other foster parents is essential. Foster parents should also work to change state policies.

Foster parents should be aware that children in foster care can be permanently adopted or placed under guardianship. While termination of parental rights is difficult, it is not impossible. In addition, the child adoption process can be successful and cost-effective, depending on the circumstances.

Published by Dr. Candice Matthews

Dr. Candice Matthews Statewide Vice Chair is an honorary doctorate recipient who has made great contributions to society. She has helped people and done good things for humanity by being a part of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats, a project to protect voters, and the Rainbow Push Coalition. This last group was started by Jesse Jackson and is now a non-profit based in Chicago. It was made when Operation PUSH and the National Rainbow Coalition joined together.

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